The rules: Irrelevant, we’re not rolling online dice. Pure roleplay with combat handled on my end as far as random chance stuff goes.

The races and classes available: Be reasonable. Nobody is an ancient dragon in disguise or a six legged aardvark living in a house with servants. People. Human, dwarf, dragonkin, devil-touched alchemists, etc. You don’t have to restrict yourself to classes, just think about what your character does. Do you adventure? Are you a merchant? Are you a killer or would you be loathe to take a life if it could be avoided? Do you fight with a bow or a dagger, or something else? Do you fight defensively or care less about living and more about killing?

The premise: The city is embroiled in a war it didn’t start, and you are landed nobles of Arsena, the City of Lights. Expected to respond to the summons of your lord in times of crisis, you have been summoned to the throne of Arsena to meet with Lurien Par’desc and his royal advisor, Tobias Garel.

You’ll need:

  • An idea of what you can do in a fight.
  • A handle on what you’re carrying with you and wearing
  • A concept of how you feel about religion, war, and Lurien, the paladin lord of Arsena.
  • To decide how far you’d go to protect what’s yours, and what “yours” makes you think of first. Land, family, wealth, power?
  • An introduction so the others know who you are.

Toben, the Many

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